Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Directories and Resources

- Directory of Australian Edubloggers (wiki)
- Map of Aussie Edubloggers (Frappr)
- Top Tools (wiki)


Jo McLeay said...

Hi Jenni, Thanks for putting up your introduction to voicethread. I was going to put it up on a new page for resources and tweet about it but I wanted to add my intro to it. I couldn't get into it. Is it private? Or am I doing something wrong? It would be awesome to have it as a resource.

jennip said...

Hi Jo
Yes sorry it was set on "Private" (my error). I have changed it to Public so you should be able to access it now.

That would be great if you would tweet about it - after you've added your intro. I would love to see & hear from other members.

I am thinking of using this tool for my next online course...so that students can introduce themselves to each other using their preferred method - voice, video or text.
Cheers jennip